Wedding Hall Siedlce

It is hard for a greater place for wedding party than The Manor House in Moscibrody.
You will find many opportunities and a variety of ways to celebrate important events with Your guests.
From lordly salons applicable to traditional parties, through the garden for evening meetings, park for family picnics to feasting on a banquet yard by the fire or wedding in the barn.
At this time you will be the hosts in this place, and our chefs will take care of it, so the taste, smell and arrangement of presented meals matches the form of the meeting and emphasizes its importance.
We will make every effort to make you so warmly and hospitably as it was the custom in old Polish court.

We offer you to organize:
Weddings in Manor
Village style weddings in the barn.

Wedding in Manor Bower, a wedding in the Manor, and the night in the bridal suite ….

It’s one of the scenarios of this unique event, which in everyone’s life is marriage. Secluded location, idyllic atmosphere, specific interiors, exquisite cuisine is characteristic for our brand and high quality services. And all this for you …

Elegant and tastefully decorated room with a fireplace emphasizing its courtly character is our pride. Exit to the terrace where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful spaces of local ponds and nature Gołoborze reserve. Weddings are the apple in our eye. We make every effort to meet the wishes of brides and their parents, in both the decor and the look of dishes. We offer diversity – it may be a buffet, banquet table form. We can organize afters in the form of outdoor barbecue.

The wedding menu is discussed in detail, then consulted with our chef. Our kitchen serves exquisite menu in many variations. We specialize in traditional Polish dishes, and meat cooked in many ways, aromatic soups and delicious homemade cakes. It is our pride to serve homemade cold meats prepared according to old recipes, administered in a rural table. We offer tasty colorful salads and entrees sets. Newly-weds receive a gift of a specially prepared honeymoon suite. There are 23 wedding guest rooms. All halls and rooms are air-conditioned.

Marriage ceremony is an event that also can be arranged in the interior of our Manor, or in one of the delights of the surrounding area- upon your request we will always prepare unique and corresponding dream deal.

Deciding to spend such an important day in Manor Moscibrody you do not have to worry about where to organize a wedding photo session. Only here, in one place you can have pictures of both the elegant and the charming ponds, a beautiful park, or in renovated farm buildings.

Dear Newlyweds:

The price includes:
– Welcome the newlyweds with bread and salt
– Decorated tables and buffets with vivid flowers
– Waiter service, cooking service

If you would like to enrich Your party of other elements, the attractions list we can offer you is long, and here are some of them:

– A glass of champagne for all wedding guests
– Release balloons with helium
– Release illuminated lanterns
– fireworks show
– Bartender show
– Mini-recital in chosen climate
– Karaoke
– Chocolate fountains
– Theater fire


– Gifts for wedding guests
– Flower Decoration
– Professional care for children with organizing their time, a separate snack for children

Our principle is that each question of guests is treated individually, we are open to any suggestions from you.


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Zdjęcie 1 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 2 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 3 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 4 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 5 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 6 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 7 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 8 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 9 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 10 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 11 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 12 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 13 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce

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Zdjęcie 14 - Sala-Weselna-Siedlce