Manor Restaurant and the reception functions in the outhouse located to the left of the entrance gateThe motto of the manor cuisine is an excerpt from the “Practical Warsaw Cookfrom 1903:

“Where the diligent housekeeper and the willing cook,
there is happinness at the table and good mood. “

The menu is dominated by traditional Polish dishes and meats, the scent of herbs, unusual taste and aroma of wines and carp from local ponds. Country-style interiors are full of charm and create a mood of mystery and intimacy. Summer Garden is one of the attractions, it lets you relax and enjoy the views of the landscape.

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  • Soups

  • Pork dishes

  • Beef dishes

  • Fish dishes

  • Poultry dishes

  • Hot starters

  • Cold starters

  • Breakfasts

  • Salads

  • Cold drinks

  • Hot drinks

  • Desserts

  • Beer

  • Spirituosen

1Soup of the day6,00zł
2Chicken soup with noodles7,00zł
3Chicken soup with dumplings8,00zł
4Red borscht with wolynskie dumplings9,00zł
5Aromatic mushroom soup with noodles and a cloud of cream 10,00zł
6Sour rye soup on porcini mushrooms cooked with egg and sausage10,00zł
7Red borscht with patty8,00zł
1Liver in cherry sauce with pieces of fried apples, boiled potatoes18,00zł
2Ribs roasted with fried beetroot, potatoes24,00zł
3Chuck steak with cabbage, potatoes24,00zł
4Pork chop with salad, mashed potatoes23,00zł
5Knuckle with peas and cabbage, potatoes25,00zł
1Castellan beef collop with buckwheat groats and beetroot32,00zł
2Castellan beef collop with homemade dumplings and sauerkraut32,00zł
3Tenderloin in green pepper sauce with dumplings, grilled vegetables39,00zł
1Fried carp from manor ponds, potatoes, cabbage salad18,00zł
2Zander with boiled vegetables and egg sauce32,00zł
3Trout's request (whole or fillet) with lemon sauce and boiled vegetables30,00zł
4Zander in buckwheat batter with julienne beetroot32,00zł
1Chicken pocket stuffed with spinach, mashed potatoes25,00zł
2Turkey escalope with ham and cheese, baked potatoes, cabbage salad25,00zł
3Turkey rolls stuffed with bacon and leek with white sauce, carrot salad25,00zł
1Gicz cielęca w sosie własnym, warzywa z wody35,00zł
2Kotleciki cielęce z kostką, warzywa z wody i sos kaparowy36,00zł
3Kotleciki cielęce z kostką, warzywa z wody i sos kaparowy36,00zł
4Gicz cielęca w sosie własnym, warzywa z wody35,00zł
1 Hash browns8,00zł
2Dumplings (with meat, lentils, potatoes - to choose, 6 pcs)10,00zł
3Vegetables with tomato sauce (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, beans, zucchini, potatoes) 350 g14,00zł
4Tagliatelle pasta with mushrooms and parmesan cheese12,00zł
5Hash browns with salmon (4 pcs)16,00zł
6Hash browns with a hint of cream (4 pcs)8,00zł
1 Salads8,00zł
2Lard and pickles from our pantry, bread8,00zł
3Board of meats for 1 person, bread8,00zł
4Traditional herring8,00zł
5Manor Board for 2 people, bread14,00zł
6Steak tartare14,00zł
7 Tartare with pink salmon15,00zł
8Carpaccio of beef tenderloin16,00zł
1Cornflakes with Milk5,00zł
2Toast with honey and cottage cheese6,00zł
3Scrambled eggs, bread, butter8,00zł
4Fried eggs with bacon, bread, butter8,00zł
5Omelette (with jam or vegetables)10,00zł
6hot beef sausages, bread, butter8,00zł
7breakfast plate (cheese, cottage cheese, ham, jam), bread, butter10,00zł
1Greek salad with Vinegar sauce (mixed lettuce, cucumber, red pepper, onion, olives, feta cheese, oregano, Vinegar)10,00zł
2Beef tenderloin salad with cherry tomatoes, blue cheese and sesame seed (lettuce, mix, beef sirloin, cherry tomatoes, the azure blue cheese, red onion, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sesame)15,00zł
3Sesamed turkey salad with cranberry sauce (mixed lettuce, turkey, sesame, cucumber, red pepper, cranberry sauce)12,00zł
4Salad with smoked salmon and capers and dill sauce (mixed lettuce, smoked salmon, tomato, capers, dill sauce)12,00zł
1Sparkling mineral water (0,25l)2,50zł
2Still mineral water (0,25l)2,50zł
3Coca-Cola (0,2l)3,00zł
4Fanta (0,2l)3,00zł
5Sprite (0,2l)3,00zł
6Tonic (0,2l)3,00zł
7Orange juice(0,2l)3,00zł
8Blackcurrant juice (0,2l)3,00zł
9Tomato juice (0,2l)3,00zł
10Nestea (0,25l)4,50zł
11Burn (Energy-Drink) 0,25l7,00zł
12Juice (1l)10,00zł
2Tea from fruit pantry for the cold days7,00zł
3Instant coffee4,00zł
5 Cappuccino5,00zł
6Caffe Latte6,00zł
7Coffee with ice cream7,00zł
8The creamy fantasy5,00zł
1CHeesecake with sauce8,00zł
2Hot apple pie with ice cream8,00zł
3Ice cream dessert10,00zł
4Pancakes with cheese and sour cream (2 pcs)10,00zł
5Pancakes with apples with powdered sugar and cinnamon (2 pcs)10,00zł
6Ice cream dessert with egg liqueur12,00zł
7Meringue cake with strawberry mousse13,00zł
8Pancakes with dried fruit (raisins, apricots, figs) and whipped cream (2 pcs)12,00zł
1Żywiec on tap (o,5l)5,00zł
2Warka Special bottle (0,5l)4,50zł
4Żywiec bottle (0,5l)5,50zł
5Warka Strong bottle (0,5l)5,00zł
6 Żywiec Porter (0,33l)5,00zł
7Heineken bottle (0,5l)7,00zł
8Desperados bottle (0,4l)8,00zł
9Paulaner bottle (0,5l)8,00zł
11Lomza beer from Podlasie exports4,50zł
12Lomza Beer from Podlasie strong5,00zł
1Glenfiddich 18 0,7l / 50ml450zł / 40zł
2Glenfiddich 15 0,7l / 50ml300zł / 24,00zł
3Glenfiddich 12 0,7l / 50ml250zł / 20,00zł
4Martel 0,7l / 50m200zł / 15,00zł
5Chivas 0,7l / 50ml200zł / 15,00zł
6Metaxa 0,7l / 50ml200zł / 15,00zł
7Jack Daniels 0,7l / 50ml160zł / 12,00zł
8Johnie Walker Black Lebel 0,7l / 50ml200zł / 15,00zł
9 Johnie Walker Red Lebel 0,7l / 50ml120zł / 10,00zł
10Torres 0,7l / 50ml120zł / 10,00zł
11Tequilla Repsado 0,7l / 50ml110zł / 8,50zł
12Tequilla Silver 0,7l / 50ml100zł / 8,50zł
13William's 0,7l / 50ml80zł / 7,00zł
14Napoleon Imperator 0,7l / 50ml80zł / 7,00zł
15Stock 84 0,7l / 50ml80zł / 7,00zł
16Budafok 0,7l / 50ml70zł / 6,00zł
17Gin Seagram's 0,7l / 50ml80zł / 7,00zł
18Gin Finsburry 0,7l / 50ml70zł / 6,50zł
19Martini bianco 0,7l / 50ml70zł / 7,00zł