Fishing Farm

Moscibrody Fishing Farm is a complex of fish ponds forming part of the Moscibrody mansion, located in the valley of Muchawka, in Siedlce-Wegrow Protected Area. These ponds are the connecting link between the Nature Reserve area ‘Goloborz’ and Natura 2000 area- The Nadliwiecka sanctuary and the Valley of Liwiec, where a great biodiversity appears. There are many natural habitats of endangered species of plants, fungi and animals, being the objects of protection.

Ponds are a key part of the cultural landscape of southern Mazovia and Podlasie. Their form is based on a system of small retention. They have had a huge impact on the surrounding environment for nearly 200 years, improving the microclimate and mitigating the effects of hot weather.

According to the nearly 200-year tradition, the Fishing Farm is mainly engaged in carp production.

Carp dishes reign on the tables in the Moscibrody Mansion and Restaurant.



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